"Define a free rectangle. Use arrows to fine-tune the area. Space toggles the active corner." – Official description in the software.

By clicking on the any rectangle mode, there will a black plus shape, you can move anywhere and chose a corner.

The corner toggles the first point area of capture, press spacebar to toggle corner.

Shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift+a (The Shortcut will not work whenever you closes the window, including other tools, includes all other whatever software.)

Available capture sizesEdit

There is no specific sizes in this tool, but it can be bounded with the minimum size and the maximum size:
Minimum: 1 × 1, where you just click and click again without moving.
Maximum: It depends on the screen size in pixels, (width of screen &times height of screen). It is just like the Full desktop.


  • To move one by one pixel using this tool (or fine move), use arrows keys.