​By clicking on the "fixed rectangle" mode, you will have a fixed box that will encompass just that portion of the screen. Catching a part of the screen with a fixed plxel area. To toggle on and off the zooming box, press F6.

Hotkey: Ctrl+ Shift+f

List of default provided fixed square/rectangle areaEdit

Fixed rec icon

fixed rectangle icon. Icon, used for fixed area capture

  • 32×32
  • 16×16
  • 96×72
  • 64×64
  • 48×48
When you click on one of these, it will automatic 'gather' that area that you chose.

You can add your custom pixel square option into the list when you use the custom rectangle area pixel settings (select the rectangle size), when you want to confirm, click 'snap fixed rectangle' (if you want to take picture now) or click the 'capture' (the third left in the tab), then click on the 'Add fixed size' (with the square and the plus shaped). Then your settings will be saved in the list.

Remember, the cursor(also as the plus shaped) will follow the center of the fixed rectangle snapping area.

This tool is recommended to use when you are taking the icons.(To move one pixel, press arrow keys.)


  • When you set one of the dimension over your that dimension of the screen length, it still can work but it will be oversized in the snapping mode, however it will still only take the screen that are inside thus no black outside the screen.

See alsoEdit

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