Hotkeys is a method to activate the tools with arrow keys. It can be modified by clicking on the "Tools", "Hotkey".

List of actions with hotkeysEdit


  • Open..., Ctrl+O
  • Save as..., Ctrl+S
  • Print, Ctrl+P


  • Copy, Ctrl+C
  • Paste, Ctrl+V
  • Undo, Ctrl+Z
  • Redo, Ctrl+Y


  • Fixed-size rectangle, also known as Fixed rectangle, Shift+Ctrl+F
  • Any area, also known as any rectangular area, Shift+Ctrl+A
  • Window/menu, Shift+Ctrl+W
  • Desktop, Shift+Ctrl+D
  • Repeat last capture, Shift+Ctrl+L


  • Show all, F2
  • Show none, F3

Tools (all the actions inside the tools tag are having hotkeys)Edit

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